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Speaking & Workshops

The Umi Project is available to run conference sessions or speak at events.

Curriculum Work

Help build capacity for teaching in the project-based and deeper learning frameworks. From developing PBL planning tools to supporting other educators in developing project ideas.

1-1 Leadership Consulting

Support for leaders in developing and implementing deeper-learning models and systems (project-based learning, student-led conferences, portfolios and more)

Professional Development

Tailored professional development courses, online and in-person, designed to support individual teachers and school groups with sustained professional development. 

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Advisors & Specialists

Our vision is to bring people and ideas together for a sustainable future

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About The Umi Project

Our Mission

We believe that empowered communities are intentionally designed, live with purpose, and contribute to a sustainable, healthy future for generations to come. 

Our Origin

The Umi Project started as an idea: what does it take for a community to be sustainable? As educators, the answer to this question started with learning. When students are excited to learn and find meaning in the learning they do, they ultimately feel more aware and passionate about how they can contribute back to their community. When students know how to critically think, problem solve, and even take risks and fail, they become agents of change early on in their life. This starts beyond just the type of curriculum or learning experiences a child has the opportunity to have. It starts at the foundation of how we choose to learn and collaborate as a community. 

We live in fast-changing times, where the human experience is intimately linked with the outcomes of our environment. Sustainability no longer just implies the individual actions that one takes to better their world, but with the changing climate, our communities are dependent on the interdependent actions of all of us. The Umi Project focuses on doing the hard work of creating intentionally designed systems in education that contribute to the learning outcomes we hope for the next generation.

Intentional Design