Happy Clients

Working with Kay and the Umi Project is a joy. Kay is professional and passionate about deeper learning and education in general.

Megan Gatlin
Coach, Anchorage STrEaM Academy

Thank you for building in work time during the session. I really appreciated the time to have conversations with the teachers at my table, which helped me process and reflect on the information you were giving us!

ECET Hawaii Participant

The Umi Project allows you to bring your ideas to life. Many school leaders have innovative ideas but so many responsibilities to implement them. The Umi Project provides school leaders step-by-step guidance on bringing all innovative ideas to life.

Ryan Mandado
Chief Academic Officer , DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach

I have learned so much over the course of the past six weeks. I not only have a better understanding of PBP, but I also have tools that I can utilize now and when I start at DreamHouse. I feel like I am now filtering everything through a student-centered lens, which will help me grow in my practice. I also feel closer as a team, learning more about everyone.

Christine Farias
Designing your Project-Based Practice Participant

The Umi Project has helped our school leadership design meaningful PD for our teachers that intentionally integrates all aspects of our mission to deepen their teaching practice.

Megan Gatlin
Coach, Anchorage STrEaM Academy

Our coaches have developed strengthened connections, our founding staff is more aligned and committed to the instructional design and values of our school, and our school year began with more instructional coherency as a result of Dr. Sturm’s work with our team.

Alex Teece
School Leader, DreamHouse Ewa Beach

The flow of information over the 6 weeks was developed well, it was fluid. And not being required to apply a strategy allowed me to apply what I was learning more authentically than some of the cycles that past PD’s have required (student voice and choice in action!)

Jessica Picone
Middle School Social Studies teacher, Pilot Cohort 2019

Overall, (The Umi Project) really helped clarify for me that you can have a project based mindset through the practices that you implement in your classroom. And with the right mindset you can implement practices and structures that are intentional to developing student centered learning opportunities.”

Lance Nishimura
Lance Nishimura, 4th grade teacher, PBP Cohort 2019

Pleasant, welcoming, and created a very safe and collaborative space to learn. Kay is an excellent facilitator.”

DreamHouse Ewa Beach
CTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

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